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Relax and be a virtual doorknocker

How—and why—to be a Virtual Doorknocker for Arthur Lieber’s campaign for Congress in Missouri’s 2nd Congressional Districtmonitor-med

Why I need your help:

When you’re running for Congress, physically knocking on all the doors in your district is not practical. With 750,000 citizens in the Missouri 2nd Congressional District, candidates generally rely on other, less direct ways to make contact with voters. That’s unfortunate, because talking face-to-face with potential constituents is the best way to get to know the needs of the district and to share your message. One of my strategies in this campaign is to enlist the help of my supporters in getting out my message via social media.

What’s a “virtual door-knocker?”

A virtual door-knocker is a person who campaigns for me using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and email. Without leaving your home, you can help spread the word about my campaign through your personal social-media network. You do NOT have to live in the 2nd District to help with this plan. The more awareness of my campaign we can build, the better. Out-of-district publicity could have an impact, too.

What I am asking “virtual door-knockers” to do

Here are the steps you can take to become an active virtual door-knocker in my campaign:

Follow me on Twitter: @Lieber4Congress: When you receive a Tweet from me, ReTweet it [RT].

Like my Facebook page: Lieber for Congress, When I post something on the Lieber for Congress Facebook Page, Like it and Share it.

Send me your ideas for tweets and posts. There are several ways you can do this:

  1. Send me links to articles that you think I should be reading, commenting on and tweeting about.
  2. Suggest the exact wording of a tweet, whether it’s a clever thought or a simple declarative sentence, or even a question that sums up a relevant issue. You can send your ideas to me via email [], or via Twitter or text message [314-495-1720]. I’m rather new at Twitter, and it really helps to get these kinds of specific suggestions from people who with ore experience at saying it just right in a tweet.
  3. Suggest hashtags for Tweets.

Tweet and post on Facebook about my campaign on a regular basis. [Daily? Weekly? Twice a week? Whatever fits your schedule.] Be sure to include @Lieber4Congress in your tweet, so I will see it. Feel free to copy and paste info and wording from my campaign web page, I post new articles on issues frequently, so there should be something there for you to refer to.

Recruit your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to become virtual door-knockers, as well. Share this “how-to” document with them to help explain what we’re going for.

Suggest other ways for me to reach out. I’d like your input on both conventional and creative ways to make contact with voters. If you belong to a group that might be interested in hearing what I stand for and how my campaign is different, send me contact info, and I can try to set up a presentation. Or, if you think of an unconventional outreach strategy, let me know. I’m listening.

Whatever you’re doing, please let me know. We’re trying to create a bigger buzz on Facebook and Twitter, and as it happens, we want to know which supporters have helped make it possible. Just send me a quick e-mail at and let me know how many people you have worked to reach and how successful you think it has been.

Thanks. I’m looking forward to activating this plan with your help.

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