Not running in 2016

I will not be running for Congress in the 2016 elections. However, we have an outstanding Democrat who will be, Bill Otto. Please visit his website and become familiar with his candidacy.

Bill Otto

Bill Otto

Your vote is more important than the rain!

The Lieber campaign is definitely building momentum and we need your vote on Tuesday. Voting for a member of Congress is just as important in a mid-term year as it is in the year of a presidential election. Statistically Democrats are less likely to vote in inclement weather than Republicans. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or some other party, this is a really important election and we need you to take the extra steps to get out and vote, even if it’s raining this Tuesday. Here are two reasons why:

  • Arthur’s campaign is seen as being different from anyone else in the nation running for Congress. He doesn’t just speak of getting money out of politics; he is practicing that by taking donations no larger than $10.10. We have an opportunity for the Second District to lead the nation in a political movement to say ‘no’ to the big money of Ann Wagner and others.
  • There are other terrific candidates on the ballot. Among them are Jill Schupp, Tracy McCreery, Deb Lavender, and Susan Cunningham. Democrats don’t always field such a fine group of candidates; this year Dems have and we need to let it be known that when offered fine candidates, we will vote for them.

I’ll be honest. I’ve been known not to vote when I think the candidates are crappy. This year you have good choices. Please Vote!

Listen to Arthur Lieber on the air, October 28

Veteran journalist Don Marsh will interview Arthur Lieber during “St. Louis on the Air,” on Tuesday, Oct. 28, between Noon and 1 pm.

Lieber, a progressive Democrat, is challenging Republican Ann Wagner for the U.S. Congressional seat representing Missouri’s 2nd District. The Congressional district encompasses much of St. Louis County, plus portions of St. Charles and Jefferson Counties.

“St. Louis on the Air” is broadcast live on 90.7 FM and can be live-streamed via A repeat broadcast is aired on 90.7 FM from 10 – 11 pm.

To call in during the noon broadcast call (314) 382-TALK (8255) or email

St. Louis on the Air covers issues and concerns facing the St. Louis area. A Libertarian candidate for the seat, Bill Slantz, was a guest on the show on Monday, Oct. 27. According to St. Louis Public Radio, Wagner has agreed to an interview, but it has not yet been scheduled.

Lieber has been endorsed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which criticized Wagner for raising a large campaign treasury while being a no-show candidate who rarely makes public appearances.

For more information about Lieber’s campaign, visit his website at Lieber for Congress.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch endorses Arthur Lieber

Who should get your vote on November 4 for U.S. Congress in Missouri’s 2nd District? The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recommends Democrat Arthur Lieber, calling him a principled progressive.

“We recommend that 2nd District voters choose Democrat Arthur Lieber of Creve Coeur,” says the editorial, published on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014.

The editorial criticizes Lieber’s opponent, Republican incumbent Ann Wagner, for being a no-show candidate.

“She appears in controlled settings for photo-ops with friendly faces. She avoids going anywhere near her opponents,” says the Post-Dispatch. “Good luck asking about it: The contact number listed on her campaign’s website is not a working number. The email address for media inquiries gets you a 404 error message.”

There’s also a dramatic contrast between Lieber and Wagner in the fundraising department, notes the Post-Dispatch. While Wagner has raised $2.9 million for a campaign that is spending virtually nothing in her district, Lieber has been accepting donations of just $10.10 per person—“that being the amount of the hourly minimum wage that Democrats in Congress hope to enact.”

In the mainstream-media world, where money raised—rather than issues—has become the unfortunate, defacto measure of a candidate’s value, the Post-Dispatch’s editorial offers a note of understanding in Lieber’s battle to reduce the undue influence of big money in politics.

“…he’s right: Campaign money is the root of all evil in politics,” says the editorial. “Arthur Lieber is not afraid to show up and say so.”

Read the full editorial here:

Editorial: For Congress in Missouri 2nd, Arthur Lieber shows up better



Thanks to the League of Women Voters for sponsoring the candidate forum

Thanks to everyone who came to last evening’s League of Women Voters Forum for candidates in Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District. Libertarian Bill Slantz and I responded to 28 questions from the audience. Moderator Kathleen Farrell was eminently fair and judicious. Interestingly, none of the audience questions concerned guns, abortion or Ferguson.

This coming Tuesday, Oct. 28, I am going to be a guest on Don Marsh’s “St. Louis on the Air.” It is on St. Louis Public Radio (KWMU) at noon. The directions to get there are easy — just find a radio or computer with streaming audio.

By the way, the LieberforCongress web site has been recently hacked.  Fortunately it is now back up and working.

By the way, we were sorry that Congresswoman Ann Wagner was not at the forum last night.