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Post-Dispatch report on campaign finances

Chuck Raasch of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported July 17 on the 2nd Quarter financial reports to the FEC of local candidates for House seats. In the article, he mentions the large amounts of cash hauled in by incumbents during the quarter, and then references the Lieber campaign:

“Wagner’s opponent, Democrat Arthur Lieber, who is running against big money in campaigns as well as Wagner, on Wednesday sent an email asking contributors to donate $10.10 — symbolic of President Barack Obama’s proposed federal minimum wage.

Lieber said he has received about 60 donations of that size. He said he is not required to file a report to the Federal Election Commission because he has not raised the $5,000 that triggers that requirement.

Lieber also is asking supporters whether they would be in favor of his accepting the help of a new national political action committee that wants to back five candidates who are challenging the way campaigns are financed. Founded by Lawrence Lessig, MayDay says on its website that it has raised $5 million in two months.

Lieber said in an interview that large campaign war chests like that accumulated by Wagner are a “double-edged sword.” It certainly gives her an advantage, he said, but it also makes his point that money too often dictates outcomes in campaigns.”

The entire article can be read by clicking here.