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Monsanto and GMOs

Question from BixbyQ&A

What is your stance on Monsanto’s GMO’s? There seems to be a shortage objective information.

Response from Arthur

Monsanto and GMOs is one of those issues where some liberals demonize “the enemy” the way that conservatives do on most issues. I am not a scientist; I have not studied the literature beyond what I read in general journals. Obviously I think that we have to be very careful what we put in our bodies. We also need transparency in the products that we consume. California came close to passing such a proposition in 2012. This measure’s purpose was “to create and enforce the fundamental right of the people of California to be fully informed about whether the food they purchase and eat is genetically engineered and not misbranded as natural so that they can choose for themselves whether to purchase and eat such foods. It shall be liberally construed to fulfill this purpose”.

It bothers me considerably when corporations, and Monsanto has been one of them, resist providing information to citizens. But I don’t want to thoroughly demonize Monsanto. They have enhanced many foodstuffs including cassava which has now become a staple in many developing countries.

Whenever a corporation, or for that matter a governmental agency, refuses to release pertinent information, I have concerns. I want Monsanto to prosper, but to do so in a way in which they recognize that consumer have certain rights that supersede theirs as producers.

One thought on “Monsanto and GMOs”

  1. Sandra says:

    I am very concerned about Monsanto and their chilling past. What about the small farmers Monsanto bullies? Will you work to protect their rights as well?

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