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Medicare-for-All prevents Hobby Lobby fiascoes

So we hear that workers are beholden to employers. After all, in the private sector it is the  “employers” who hire workers.  But if the relationship is only between employer and employee and the employers are the bosses, then what protection do workers have against unreasonable, unfair, and just plain mean bosses?

Workers are people; corporations are not. But both workers and corporations are connected to “we the people” through a social contract with our government. Corporations need certain protections and freedoms; workers need the same.

The Hobby Lobby case involving insurance coverage of contraceptives as part of a health care policy is an interesting dilemma. But it shouldn’t be. Corporations should have nothing to do with an individual’s health coverage. It only happened this way because initially workers had no health insurance. Savvy corporations were wise enough to offer coverage as an incentive to get the best workers to work for them.

Whether you use the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as your basis, each American is entitled to equal protection under the law. Health care is not a luxury; it is a basic human right. For this reason, the government should provide health care coverage through a Medicare-for-All program. Not only does this protect a basic human right, it is also the most efficient and least expensive way to provide the coverage. Oh, and by the way, it drastically reduces expenses for U.S. corporations, making them far more competitive in a global market.

Much as I’m distressed with Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court, the responsibility for avoiding this kind of SCOTUS is with the American people and our representatives in Washington. We all must step forward and adopt a Medicare-for-All (H.R. 676) plan. I want to be part of that process; I hope that you will elect me to be part of the solution.


2 thoughts on “Medicare-for-All prevents Hobby Lobby fiascoes”

  1. jack smith says:

    What protection do workers have from a mean boss? Workers have the freedom to find a new job, genius. I have actually done this thing of which I speak. It’s real.

  2. Sherrie says:

    So, abuse is acceptable in an employment situation- that’s the implication underlying your comment, genius- oh, sorry, I meant Jack.

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