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Wagner supports Boehner frivolous lawsuit. I don’t.


Ann Wagner supports John Boehner’s frivolous effort to sue President Obama for “not faithfully executing the laws of our country.” Boehner and House Republicans say the President “has exceeded his constitutional authority through executive actions on a range of issues, from delays in the implementation of the healthcare law to energy regulations to the enforcement of immigration laws.”

Boehner fails to point out that President Obama is forced to use executive orders because the House has failed to legislate — to pass the laws necessary to implement effective national policies. If Boehner wants to file a frivolous lawsuit, the President could sue Boehner and the Congress for violating Article 1., Section 1. of the Constitution: “All Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”

We need a president as active as Barack Obama so long as Boehner refuses to put issues to votes and uses the word “no” as his guiding light. He has an excellent follower In Ann Wagner and I aim to replace her and restore the House to a real legislative body.