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I support the following propositions:

  • Ensuring that every individual who wants to work and has the skills to work can have a meaningful job.
  • It is healthy for our country to have all willing workers employed.
  • Full employment adds consumer dollars to the economy, thus stimulating more consumer spending, which keeps a strong job market.
  • If using American workers rather than foreign workers results in higher prices, we should accept that as a legitimate price to pay to ensure that every American who wants to work can work.
  • We have to be wise producers, ensuring that top priority goes to producing the goods and services that the public needs most.  This policy may require considerably more public expenditures.
  • Taking a greater leadership role in developing and manufacturing new energy technology (our commitment can be like the space program of the 1960s).


I support the following propositions:

  • Learning should be based on a child’s curiosity rather than on his or her fears.
  • Schools should be enjoyable enough so that kids want to attend.
  • Learning becomes a life-long activity.
  • The ongoing trend of increased testing of students must be reversed. The “No Child Left Behind” and “Race to the Top” programs have burdened teachers and students with “make-work,” which demoralizes them and often encourages them to “game the system.”
  • We should make every effort to bring our most qualified, enthusiastic, and resourceful teachers into the classroom regardless of whether they hold state certification.
  • We should encourage schools to innovate and “think outside the box.”  Vouchers should be given serious consideration as a means of diversifying educational choice.
  • We must place much more emphasis on early childhood education.  This focus will happen only when we provide adequate pay for teachers and other staff personnel who work with preschoolers.
  • We must provide opportunities for students to get out into the community to learn about the adult world, something that should not be remote and distant to them.
  • In a technology-based world, students should focus on how to access information rather than on memorizing information.
  • A key component of curriculum should be to help students develop necessary skills to analyze and try to solve problems.

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